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Age-old wisdom and Modern Biotechnology Convergence

BioZak Botanicals like a hand-full other corporations is utilizing its biotech expertise in developing dietary supplements from the age-old wisdom.  BioZak uses its rigorous drug discovery methods and assays systems to re-confirm effectiveness of the herbs.  BioZak also investigates short-term and long-term cumulative side effects (if any) of the herbs on cells. 

Company uses its proprietary formulation technologies in producing herbal supplements that synergistically enhance body’s structure –function and helps people to enjoy good health and sound spirit—BioZak just not in business for products- we are for Health.

There are thousands of products from thousands of manufactures across the internet space and physical vitamin stores.  Many of these products have strong anecdotal evidence and grandmother’s testimonial of century old usages.  Some of those products do provide useful support to the body’s structure function.  However, many of those products fall short on wholistic-wellness aspect.

Natural Products Drug Discovery Processes

In a natural product drug-discovery process, researchers in a biotechnology laboratory first extract the herbs and then fractionate the extracts using separation columns or other methodologies. 

In the next step, research scientists perform multiple assays to identify, which fraction is most effective and which fraction is non-toxic to the cells (body).  After that they try to identify how many molecules in that fractions and what are the formulas of the molecule.  And then go on to see if they can make them chemically for commercial-economical reasons

Body Function

Human body made of millions of cells and each cell is capable of living and regenerating itself for long time – provided it is not challenged by the environments-internal and external.  Internal environment is mostly control by the immune system that triggered by the external stimuli such as chemicals, radiation, pollutants, food, germs –virus, bacteria; and emotional (mind) status.  Time – the aging process also contributes to the immune system’s functionality

One can keep the cell functions active and proper by managing the surrounding environment, keeping sound emotional health and working with the immune system.  One can achieve most of the above requirement by being in a good social and political environment, regular exercise and well-balance food regime.  If one can do that they may not need any products others or we produce. 

Body is in perfect balance within the internal cell-environment and with the external environment.  If these balance moves to words the non-equilibrium side, one begin to sees or fells physical and/or emotional difficulties.  It is thus important to bring the body’s cell system to the equilibrium (balanced) state.  If one keeps all the body’s structure function in the balanced state, he/she will seldom feel any physical or emotional difficulties.

Body’s Structure-function Systems

Several important systems that work perfect in balance systems are: Immune systems, hormonal systems (endocrine), nerve systems, blood and circulatory system and others. 

Scientific community has studied immune system imbalance most extensively because the immune systems account for many diseases directly and indirectly.  Immune system is also controls part of the aging process.  Some of the medical systems due to immune system’s imbalance are: Autoimmune diseases (arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes), pathogenic infections, Allergic reactions, atopy- eczema, and asthma. 

Endocrine system is another system that draws great interest from the research and business community.  Imbalance of this system quite often associated with the environmental factors such as –stress, anxiety, work-pressure and aging.  Endocrine system also varies with the gender.  Some the physiological syndrome may arise due to the imbalance of the endocrine systems are: sleeping problems, mood-imbalance, emotional-status, menopause, PMS, prostate enlargement and urinary problems.

Most of the body’s structure-function can be brought in to the balanced state by maintaining regular regime of exercise, and balanced diet.  Additional support may be achieved from dietary supplements. 

Technology Overview

Company’s current focus is on (1) Anti-Inflammatory, and (2) Endocrine hormone related diseases


BioZak Botanical Inc. has identified the natural extracts of botanical plants that had been used for a long time in ethno-herbal medicine to control immunological disorders such as Allergy, asthma and cough.  As the supply of the natural is very limited, we have developed a proprietary biotechnological process to enable its cultivation in large quantity to ensure regular commercial supply of food grade quality.

Natural extracts shows evidence of good efficacy in the treatment of asthma, allergic rhinitis and cough in experimental animals.  In animal experiments, it improves pulmonary functions, inhibits airway hyper-responsiveness, suppresses the rise of eosinophiles and modulates IL-4 and INF-gamma levels in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF).  It proves itself effective in cough suppression, and in promoting airway clearance.

In-vitro, Extracts inhibits mast cell degranulation, and the release of leucotrienes.  It relaxes lung strip contraction but does not seem to have significant anti-histaminic effect on airway smooth muscle.  We also have experiments showing its enhancing effect on ciliary activity in frog esophagus and rabbit airway.

The mechanism of action is probably via modulation and restoration of Th1 and Th2 balance (INF-gamma versus IL-4) and inhibition of the 5-lipoxygenase pathway of arachidonic acid metabolism (inhibition of leucotrienes).

Extracts markedly inhibited the increased lung resistance and the decreased lung compliance induced by antigen challenge, significantly reduced total cell counts and absolute eosinophil counts in BALF; They also inhibited recruitment of inflammatory cells in peritoneal lavage fluid and inhibited the allergen-induced mast cell degranulation.  Thus, the extracts inhibit airway hyper-responsiveness by stabilizing mast cell membranes and reducing infiltration and chemotaxis of eosinophils.

Endocrine Hormonal Problem

Endocrine hormone controls many physiological functions.  It is important to keep the endocrine hormone level balanced at all-time.  Modern hectic life-style and high demand on metal and physical systems always puts pressure on the hormonal systems.  As a result, people faced with stress, frustration, anxiety and sleeping problem.  Endocrine system also becomes imbalanced as our physiological body aged.  Some of the well-known symptoms are prostate enlargement for men and menopause related hot flashes, night sweats. 

BioZak Botanical has been working on several natural plant and herb extracts that have shown to balance endocrine hormonal-system.  These extracts are of “functional food” category and available in natural food stores.  BioZak Botanical has utilized its proprietary biotechnological processing methods and formulation techniques in developing its products for balancing endocrine hormonal system.



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